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„The Forty-Five Guardsmen”, by Alexandre Dumas (1894), the most celebrated of French romance writers, is in two volumes, and is the third of a series known as „The Valois Romances”. It basically deals with Diana de Meridor and her servant Remy who find a way to take revenge upon Duc d’Anjou for his heinous betrayal of Bussy d’Amboise. Historically it commences with the execution of Salcede and the arrival of the Forty-Five at Paris and deals with the Guise intrigues, the campaign of Anjou in Flanders and his death; the events in the novel take place in 1584-1585. Alexandre Dumas’ „The Forty-Five Guardsmen”, which has been translated into several languages, tells a wonderful story, full of the rich historical detail, rousing action, and gripping characters that mark the best of Dumas’ work.

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