The Portrait of a Lady + The Bostonians + The Tragic Muse + Daisy Miller (4 Unabridged Classics)

eBook: The Portrait of a Lady + The Bostonians + The Tragic Muse + Daisy Miller (4 Unabridged Classics)

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This carefully crafted ebook: "The Portrait of a Lady + The Bostonians + The Tragic Muse + Daisy Miller (4 Unabridged Classics)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The Portrait of a Lady is a novel by Henry James, first published as a serial in The Atlantic Monthly and Macmillan's Magazine in 1880–81 and then as a book in 1881. It is the story of a spirited young American woman, Isabel Archer, who "affronts her destiny" and finds it overwhelming. She inherits a large amount of money and subsequently becomes the victim of Machiavellian scheming by two American expatriates. Like many of James's novels, it is set in Europe, mostly England and Italy. Generally regarded as the masterpiece of James's early period, this novel reflects James's continuing interest in the differences between the New World and the Old, often to the detriment of the former. It also treats in a profound way the themes of personal freedom, responsibility, and betrayal. The Bostonians by Henry James was first published as a serial in The Century Magazine in 1885–1886 and then as a book in 1886. This bittersweet tragicomedy centers on an odd triangle of characters: Basil Ransom, a political conservative from Mississippi; Olive Chancellor, Ransom's cousin and a Boston feminist; and Verena Tarrant, a pretty, young protégée of Olive's in the feminist movement. The storyline concerns the struggle between Ransom and Olive for Verena's allegiance and affection, though the novel also includes a wide panorama of political activists, newspaper people, and quirky eccentrics.

Über den Autor

Henry James (1843-1916) was an American-born author, one of the key figures of 19th-century literary realism. Born in New York City to a wealthy family, James was educated in the United States and Europe, a background that would later influence the transatlantic themes and social contrasts prevalent in his work. His writing career was both prolific and influential, comprising novels, short stories, and criticism. His prose style was marked by keen psychological insight and the use of narrative point-of-view to deepen the characterization and thematic complexity of his works.

James's novel 'The Portrait of a Lady' (1881) is widely considered his masterpiece, showcasing his skill in portraying the inner life of the character Isabel Archer as she navigates independence and disappointment. 'The Bostonians' (1886), set in a post-Civil War American society, explores themes of feminism and social reform through the lens of a complicated love triangle. 'The Tragic Muse' (1890), on the other hand, addresses issues of art and personal ambition. 'Daisy Miller' (1878), one of his earlier works, sparked significant international dialogue about cultural clashes and American expatriacy.

Acknowledged as a key transitional figure between literary realism and modernism, James's late style, characterized by long, intricate sentences and deep exploration of characters' consciousness, would influence many 20th-century writers. Later in his life, James became a British citizen and was awarded the Order of Merit. Posthumously, he continues to be regarded as a master of the novel and narrative form.

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