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It is a tragic play for the English theater, William Shakespeare, for the Scottish leader Makbet, whose property assassinates Denkin to sit on the throne of Scotland in his place. McCalet is the shortest tragedy of Shakespeare, and there is no side plot in it related to any other character, and this play was written at a time between 1603 and 1606, in which Shakespeare relied slightly on the character of the Scottish McCleeth, one of the kings of Scotland. The triangle of this play over, and produced cinema, opera and TV series. The play is a realistic analysis of the human soul and how a person turns from a loyal noble person to a killer and criminal, what is the inherent part on the outskirts of the human soul and what is the inherent desire in the depths that push the person to this terrible transformation. Among the most important characters of the Lady McCalath story that has become a parable of the same in evil. Allied Normandy and Ireland | The king admires a brave courage and his unbridled power, which the wounded leader described to him.

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