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The fifteenth book in the dramatic and intriguing story about the colonisation of Australia: a country made of blood, passion, and dreams.
After being accused of high treason, Michael Wexford seeks revenge upon those who took everything from him.
It is 19th century Australia: Irishman Michael Wexford is unravelling his existence in the penal colonies after defying the justice system. Considered a criminal beyond reform or redemption, Michael plots his revenge. Meanwhile, siblings Kitty and Patrick Cadogan venture out to the Norfolk Island in search of their brother, praying that he is not the miscreant everyone makes him out to be.

Über den Autor

Vivian Stuart was a British writer and during her writing career she had more than 70 books published in Australia, USA and the UK.
Born in Berkshire in England, she spent most of her youth in Burma and India, and later lived in Hungary and Australia. At the age of thirty-five she began to write romantic fiction but soon devoted her attention to military and historical novels.
The Australians series was her most ambitious venture. Originally envisaged as a series of six books, it was extended to many more by popular demand.

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