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In The Historical Romance series, a set of stand-alone novels, Vivian Stuart builds her compelling narratives around the dramatic lives of sea captains, nurses, surgeons, and members of the aristocracy.
Stuart takes us back to the societies of the 20th century, drawing on her own experience of places across Australia, India, East Asia, and the Middle East. 
Linda let the letter fall from her hands
The truth came as a stunning blow and the full enormity of Charles's sacrifice became clear.
He had married her out of pity knowing that she had only a year to live and not, as she had foolishly believed, because he loved her.
Scalding tears burned Linda's closed eyelids. Charles must have given up the woman he loved in order to marry her.
And if that were so, there was no point in fighting for her life.
For without Charles's love she had nothing to live for …

Über den Autor

Vivian Stuart was a British writer and during her writing career she had more than 70 books published in Australia, USA and the UK.
Born in Berkshire in England, she spent most of her youth in Burma and India, and later lived in Hungary and Australia. During WWII, she served in the Women's Unit attached to the Indian Army; she is the holder of the Burma Star.
At the age of thirty-five she began to write romantic fiction but soon devoted her attention to military and historical novels.
From the warp and woof of what we call history, she has told the story of ordinary people living under the shadow of an appalling disaster, so that other ordinary people may read it with understanding, interest, and enjoyment and, perhaps, a few tears.

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