The Tales of Pirate Treasure Hunt

eBook: The Tales of Pirate Treasure Hunt

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The Gold-Bug (Edgar Allan Poe): A man is bitten by a golden bug and what ensues is a treasure hunt adventure featuring a cryptic message. Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson): A young boy is trapped between fierce pirates and his desire to find the missing treasure. The Pirate of Panama (William Macleod Raine): A story of the fight for buried treasure. Black Bartlemy's Treasure (Jeffery Farnol): A treasure hunt for the gold of legendary pirate, Black Bartlemy. The Pagan Madonna (Harold MacGrath): An unusual treasure-hunt tale featuring a lost but precious glass bead and a modern pirate. Pieces of Eight (Richard Le Gallienne) The Book of Buried Treasure: Being a True History of the Gold, Jewels, and Plate of Pirates (Ralph D. Paine) Stolen Treasure (Howard Pyle): treasure hunt stories from the author of Peter Pan adventures: Buccaneers and Marooners of the Spanish Main The Ghost of Captain Brand With the Buccaneers Tom Chist and the Treasure Box Jack Ballister's Fortunes Blueskin, the Pirate Captain Scarfield The Ruby of Kishmoor A True History of the Devil at New Hope

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