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The young man smoothed out the feather of his tall cone-shaped hat. "Truly, father," he answered, "in respect of itself it seems a very good life, but in respect that it is far from the fields and home it is naught. But I like it very much. And I think I am likely to rise high. I am now attached to the King Consort, by the Queen's pleasure. His Highness has spoken frequently with me, and I have my commission duly written out as caballerizo."

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Guy Thorne is the pen name of Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull (1876–1923), an English novelist and journalist known for his prolific contribution to early 20th-century popular fiction. His works typically interweave elements of adventure, romance, and the macabre, often reflecting the mores and anxieties of the Edwardian era. Thorne carved a niche for himself with his recognizable literary style, marked by melodrama and sensationalism, resonating with an audience hungry for escapist literature during a time of social and technological change.

One of Thorne's notable works, 'House of Torment,' exemplifies his flair for gothic and sensational storytelling. It explores themes of psychological horror, a reflection of the inner turmoil and the darker aspects of human nature. This book, like many of Thorne's narratives, is imbued with an intensity that captures the reader's imagination, making it emblematic of Thorne's broader literary achievements. Despite the escapist nature of his work, Thorne's legacy endures in the annals of genre fiction, serving as a testament to the entertainment value and cultural impact of early pulp literature.

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