The Adventures of Ulysses the Wanderer

eBook: The Adventures of Ulysses the Wanderer

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The Adventures of Ulysses the Wanderer is a retelling of the Greek classic "The Odyssey" by Homer, written by Guy Thorne. Excerpt: "Ulysses slowly mounted the wooded hill. The path which rose towards the summit wound in and out through thick undergrowth, and his feet made no sound upon the green moss of the track. He had his spear ready for any game that he might chance on, but for half a day he saw no living thing save a few mailed lizards that lay open-eyed upon a stone. No birds twittered in the forest on the mountainside, only the wild bees sang in the stillness like jewels with voices. How beautiful the wood was! and how mysterious also. Ulysses felt a quickening of the pulses which did not come from fear, and a strange excitement possessed him which arose from he knew not what cause."

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