The Complete Works of Edgar Wallace

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Edgar Wallace — Each Way (Biography)
King Kong
African Novels:
Sanders of the River
The People of the River
The River of Stars
Bosambo of the River
The Keepers of the King's Peace
Lieutenant Bones
Bones in London
Sandi the Kingmaker
Bones of the River
Again Sanders
P.-C. Lee Series
Four Just Men Series:
The Four Just Men
The Council of Justice
The Just Men of Cordova
The Law of the Four Just Men
The Three Just Men
Again the Three Just Men
The Earl of Nowhere Series
Mr. J. G. Reeder Series:
Room 13
The Mind of Mr. J. G. Reeder
Terror Keep
Red Aces
The Guv'nor and Other Short Stories
Detective Sgt. Elk Series:
The Nine Bears
Silinski - Master Criminal
The Fellowship of the Frog
The Joker
The Twister
The India-Rubber Men
White Face
Educated Evans Series:
Educated Evans
More Educated Evans
Good Evans
Smithy Series:
Army Reform Opinions of Private Smith
Smithy Aboard
Smithy and the Hun
Nobby or Smithy's Friend Nobby
Smithy, Nobby & Co.
True Crime Stories
The Secret of the Moat Farm
The Murder on Yarmouth Sands
The Great Bank of England Frauds
The Trial of the Seddons
Herbert Armstrong - Poisoner
The Suburban Lothario
Crime Novels:
Angel Esquire
The Fourth Plague or Red Hand
Grey Timothy or Pallard the Punter
The Man who Bought London
The Melody of Death
A Debt Discharged
The Tomb of T'Sin
The Secret House
The Clue of the Twisted Candle
Down under Donovan
The Man who Knew
The Green Rust
Kate Plus Ten
The Daffodil Murder
Jack O'Judgment
The Angel of Terror
The Crimson Circle
Take-A-Chance Anderson
The Valley of Ghosts
Captains of Souls
The Clue of the New Pin
The Green Archer
The Missing Million
The Croakers
Double Dan
The Face in the Night
The Sinister Man
The Three Oak Mystery
The Blue Hand or Beyond Recall
The Daughters of the Night
The Ringer

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