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"When the longshoremen, leaving their work, were dispersed in noisy groups over the wharf, buying food from the open-air merchants, and settling themselves on the pavement, in shady corners, to eat, Grichka Tchelkache, an old jail-bird, appeared among them. He was game often hunted by the police, and the entire quay knew him for a hard drinker and a clever, daring thief..." 'Tchelkache' is a short story seaside adventure by Russian Nobel Literature nominee Maxim Gorky. It is about Tchelkache a sailor who is off to do a job with his assistant Gavrilo. But when Gavrilo discovers the large amount of money his master is carrying with him, his greed takes over…

Über den Autor

Maxim Gorky, born Aleksey Maximovich Peshkov on March 28, 1868, in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, stands as a towering figure in Russian literature. Often celebrated as the founder of socialist realism, Gorky left an indelible mark on the 20th-century literary landscape. His pen name 'Gorky' translates to 'bitter', reflecting both his challenging early life and the tone of his works, which frequently addressed the plight of the lower classes and critiqued the societal injustices endemic to the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

Gorky's writing career began with short stories and his first notable work, 'Tchelkache' (1899), exemplifies his ability to weave compelling narratives around marginalized characters, in this case, a vagabond thief. The story is often celebrated for its vivid language and sketched a portrait of the Russian proletariat with unprecedented depth and nuance. Gorky's literary style combined realism with lyrical elements and deeply empathetic character studies, often highlighting the resilience and innate dignity of the oppressed. His contributions to literature go beyond his written works; Gorky was also a political activist and supporter of the Bolshevik Revolution, although he later became critical of Bolshevik policies. His complicated relationship with the Soviet regime offered a unique perspective on the political and social changes in Russia which often permeated his writings. Gorky's work has influenced numerous authors and remains a staple in the canon of Russian literature. His legacy continues to inspire and provoke thought about the human condition, the struggle for justice, and the power of narrative. Maxim Gorky passed away on June 18, 1936, but his works endure as a testament to his life's ardor.

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