Lewis Carroll: The Complete Novels (The Greatest Novelists of All Time – Book 12)

eBook: Lewis Carroll: The Complete Novels (The Greatest Novelists of All Time – Book 12)

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Lewis Carroll is one of the greatest British novelists. His works are beloved by readers worldwide, especially for the intercate wordplay, logic and fantasy he intertwines in his stories. This collection includes Carroll's complete novels and the book about his extraordinary life:
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is a novel about the incredible adventures of an ordinary girl Alice that finds herself in the fantastic world populated by strange creatures.
"Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There" is a sequel to the novel "Alice in Wonderland." This time Alice enters a fantastical world by climbing through a mirror and finds herself in the environment of the reversed logic, where you must run to keep standing, and all the nursery rhyme characters exist.
"Sylvie and Bruno"is a novel with a double plot. The events take place in Victorian Britain and have a parallel in the fantasy world of Elfland. It is a social novel, with its characters discussing various concepts and aspects of religion, society, philosophy, and morality.
"Sylvie and Bruno Concluded" is a second volume of the novel "Sylvie and Bruno" presenting the further adventures of the protagonists.
"The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll"is biography of the writer based on the recordings of his contemporaries and his own journals and correspondence.

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