Astrology for Beginners

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Über das eBook

Astrology is the best known and the most precise oracle system. With its help one can create horoscopes describing the character of people, companies and events.
However, astrology is not simply a matter of fateful and unintentional imprinting, but a recognition of how one is, based on the parable of the position of the planets at the time of birth.

The horoscope describes a person as a play: the ascendant is the stage set; the planets are the actors; the zodiac signs are the roles of the actors; the astrological houses are the areas of life in which the actors appear; the ego is the director who is responsible for the level of the play - and if the director should ever get stuck, he can ask the scriptwriter, i.e. the soul, for the meaning of this play.

This book contains all the information necessary for the interpretation of a horoscope - but everything in a rather short form, because this introduction for beginners should not get 1000 pages ...

Über den Autor

I was born in 1956 and have been intensively involved in magic, religion, meditation, astrology, psychology and related subjects for 45 years now. Meanwhile I have written about 190 books and about 50 articles for various magazines.
Since 2007, I have expanded my decades-long avocation and am now a full-time life coach. This includes the actual consultations, but also the interpretation of horoscopes, healings, rituals, sweat lodges, firewalkings, help with haunted houses and other "magical problems", training in meditation and Feng Shui and much more. On my website you can find some of my articles and also a detailed curriculum vitae.

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