The Great Betrayal

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Superstar pulpsmith Max Brand was best known for his Westerns, but his historical adventures rank among the best stories he ever wrote. He wrote somewhere around 12 or 13 historical swashbucklers not including the seven Tizzo stories. The complete tales of Tizzo the Firebrand contains the 7 stories. „The Great Betrayal” is one of it. The series is set in early 16th Century Italy. Luigi Falcone had taken in red haired street urchin Tizzo outside of the city of Perugia. Raised as page, valet, educated in the classics, taught in the use of weapons, Tizzo leaves to serve Englishman Baron Henry of Montrose. A series of hair raising swashbuckling adventures ensue with dastardly villains, fair women to save, and encounters with Cesare Borgia.

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