The Boy Fortune Hunters in Egypt

eBook: The Boy Fortune Hunters in Egypt

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Writing under a pseudonym, the prolific „Wizard of Oz” author created a series of far-flung adventure tales starring Sam Steele, a resourceful young sailor. In this story of mystery, deceit, and murder, Sam and his companions seek the legendary wealth of Karnak – a 2,000-year-old treasure buried in the desert sands. The adventure begins when Sam rescues an escaped cabin boy from a sinking dinghy in Boston Harbor. Runaway Joe Herring, along with pampered aristocrat Archie Ackley, accompany Sam to Alexandria, Egypt. There, the trio learn of the legendary lost riches of Karnak and Luxor – a wealth of pearls, gold, precious gems, and historic papyrus rolls, all hidden from invading Persians. Relying upon their pluck, luck, and quick wits, the American boys follow an ancient caravan route to uncover a secret from beyond the grave. Unusually for Baum, the tale of „The Boy Fortune Hunters in Egypt” is told in the first person, by the title character.

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