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As this last „Oz” story from L. Frank Baum opens, Dorothy Gale and Ozma have been dispatched by Glinda on a peacekeeping mission. Dorothy and Ozma discover that a war is brewing in a distant and unexplored part of Oz, between two mysterious races, the Flatheads and the Skeezers, both of whom have come under the power of cruel dictators. They have never heard of either of these people but they worry that people might be harmed in a war. The girls set out to try to prevent the fighting, not knowing what dangers await them. This begins a quick but grand adventure for the two friends, which will eventually involve all of her other friends, and quite an assortment of strange but wonderful beings they are; the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion, but also Tik Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead, and so many others. A rousing tale of suspense, magic, and adventure, „Glinda of Oz” is the fourteenth and final „Oz” book and it’s a grand conclusion to Baum’s chronicles of America’s favorite fairyland.

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