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None of us, whether children or adults, needs an introduction to „Mother Goose”. Those things which are earliest impressed upon our minds cling to them most tenaciously. Published three years before L. Frank Baum achieved fame with „The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, this engaging volume added an exciting new dimension to old, much-loved verses. The book contains 22 prose fables based on famous nursery rhymes: „Old King Cole”, „Little Miss Muffet”, „The Cat and the Fiddle” and many others. Baum gives the stories English settings and ambience, with mentions of London, the Sussex downs, and the River Dee. His tactic in the book is to take the often-nonsensical nursery rhymes and weave coherent, or at least self-consistent, stories from them. This wonderful collection of short stories is another delightful addition to anyone who is a fan of Baum’s work. Based on famous „Mother Goose” rhymes, all stories are fascinating background tales of the various characters involved.

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