The Hero of the People

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An adventure is something that happens outside the course of ordinary life. We can’t go on an adventure all the time, but an adventure story will take you right to that adventure. With no time to scout for a library, now these books are at our fingertips. „The Hero of the People” is the fifth book in the fictional series on the French Revolution by the famous French author Alexandre Dumas. Alexandre Dumas is known for penning many masterpieces of historical fiction, including „The Count of Monte Cristo” and „The Three Musketeers”. The story takes place following the book „Taking the Basile” and is followed by „The Royal Life Guard”. The tale, set in the waning days of the French Revolution, tweaks Dumas’ classic formula by adding a little more romance to the equation. With action, adventure, intrigue, and blossoming love, this story truly has something for every reader.

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