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Welcome to „Pulp Fiction Chronicle”! Discover original novellas and short stories by top-notch authors. A wide variety of content includes every subgenre of crime, adventure and weird fiction, like mysteries, suspense thrillers, whodunits, westerns, historical stories, horrors, and fantasy tales. Read them to make your blood run cold! TABLE OF CONTENTS: The Murder at Troyte’s Hill by Catherine Louisa Pirkis; Going, Going, Gone! by E. Phillips Oppenheim; The Haunted Shanty by Bayard Taylor; The Lost Ghost by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman; Worms of the Earth by Robert E. Howard; Lot No. 249 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Time on Your Hands by David Wright O’Brien; The Marooner by J. Allan Dunn; The Jimmy John Boss by Owen Wister.

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