The Seafood Gourmet Cookbook

eBook: The Seafood Gourmet Cookbook

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The Seafood Gourmet Cookbook: 111 Delicious Recipes With Seafood (Fish & Seafood Kitchen)

Seafood - delicacies from the sea: shrimps, mussels, octopus, etc. - the biodiversity of seafood is great. Fish and seafood are the supreme discipline in our cuisine. The preparation is simple - the result is always a culinary delight: very healthy and delicious.

All recipes in the cookbook with detailed instructions.

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My great passion are books, and that's why I started writing some books some time ago. It gives me particular pleasure to make life easier for readers, with my guides and to solve their problems. In doing so, I consciously choose topics that are close to my heart. The books are comprehensible, practical and written with light feather, so that reading the numerous tips, exercises and suggestions is just as much fun as trying them out.

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