The Mabinogion (Welsh Arthurian Legends)

eBook: The Mabinogion (Welsh Arthurian Legends)

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The Mabinogion is the earliest prose literature of Britain and it contains Arthurian tales, Welsh romances and other Celtic legends and myths. The meaning Mabinogi is obscure, but it clearly roots in the word 'mab' for son, child, young person: this is to be seen in the naming convention 'son of' in genealogies. The tales are:
The Lady of the Fountain
Peredur the Son of Evrawc
Geraint the son of Erbin
Kilhwch and Olwen
The dream of Rhonabwy
Pwyll Prince of Dyved
Branwen the daughter of Llyr
Manawyddan the son of Llyr
Math the son of Mathonwy
The dream of Maxen Wledig
The story of Lludd and Llevelys

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