The starting signal...365 days of minimalism

eBook: The starting signal...365 days of minimalism

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"About the book" The starting signal...365 days of minimalism: What you should really do to make your life happen! (Minimalism-Challenge: Declutter your life, home, mind & soul)

We live too fast, rush through overfull days, and there is always too much lying around. But that could change. Because: In every one of us is the stuff of the time-millionaire. We ourselves are the ones who turn the clock, because we are stuffing more and more into our everyday lives, and that makes our precious time of life short. We do not have too little time, but too much to do. In this way we ourselves bring the hectic pace into our lives, which we want to avoid. Never really get to the point, and always thinking somewhere else.

A simple life with more success, freedom, happiness, money, love and time - that's what we all want. But in our modern performance-oriented society, however, this simplicity often falls by the wayside: consumption, ownership and performance seem to be the more important values, at least superficially.

Minimalism as a way of life refers to a way of living that enables everyone to concentrate on the essential things. Minimalism can, but does not have to cover all areas of life. Whoever decides to want to live minimalistically, usually does so very consciously. The motives are almost always similar:

# Pressure to perform and career constraints: Too much stress at work, in studies and in leisure time
# Excessive lifestyle...body worship, shopping and social media communication: overtaxed by exaggeration and abundance
# Manipulation by the marketing industry: social coercion to possess certain consumer goods

Minimalism means self-determination and self-realization. Do not let others or society dictate what a good and right life should look like. Freeing yourself from black and white thinking, reducing ownership and responsibilities to save time and money and have more energy for family, friends, hobbies and travel.

Start today by making the most of your life and building a positive mindset.

Becoming a MINIMALIST...begins in the HEAD!

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