Her Prairie Knight, Lonesome Land & The Uphill Climb: Complete Western Trilogy

eBook: Her Prairie Knight, Lonesome Land & The Uphill Climb: Complete Western Trilogy

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Her Prairie Knight – Miss Beatrice Lansell is a high society lady from the East who goes to Montana for a visit to her brother's ranch. She is accompanied by Sir Redmond, a noble Englishman keen to marry her, but flirty Beatrice is not drawn to the idea of marriage. Her situation is getting more complicated when she meets a handsome cowboy neighbor, Keith Cameron.
Lonesome Land – Valeria is a snobby girl from the East who arrives in Montana to marry Manley Fleetwood, the man she has been engaged to for three years. Valeria has done all she could to learn to be a good wife to a cowboy, but it seems that Manley is not a man for her anymore. She is unhappy until she meets and befriends Kent.
The Uphill Climb – Josephine is a mysterious woman from back East, who has been thrown from her horse and has a badly sprained ankle. She gets rescued by Ford, wild but kind-hearted cowboy with a thing for whiskey, who seems to have got married the night before.
Bertha Muzzy Bower (1871-1940) was an American author who wrote novels and short stories about the American Old West. She is best known for her first novel "Chip of the Flying U" about Flying U Ranch and the "Happy Family" of cowboys who lived there. The novel rocketed Bower to fame, and she wrote an entire series of novels set at the Flying U Ranch. Several of Bower's novels were turned into films.

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