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<b>Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life and discoveries of Copernicus in next to no time with this concise guide.</b> provides a clear and engaging analysis of Copernicus and his discoveries.When Copernicus discovered the Heliocentric Revolution, it marked a turning point in astronomy. He changed the way people understood the planets and the solar system forever and called into question the observations made by Aristotle and Ptolemy. Copernicus’ findings were not easily accepted and he faced a great deal of controversy and even anger. But soon a growing number of astronomers began using his discovery to influence their own work thus triggering the Copernican Revolution, changing the way we understand astronomy forever.

<b>In just 50 minutes you will:</b>

   • Learn about how Copernicus discovered the Heliocentric Revolution and changed our understanding of the universe

   • Discover more about his life and education in Poland and Italy

   • Analyse the impact his discovery had at the time and in the future and how it triggered the Copernican Revolution 

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