Phoebe Daring - A Story for Young Folk

eBook: Phoebe Daring - A Story for Young Folk

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How Toby Clark Lost His Job
How Mrs. Ritchie Demanded Her Property
How the Darings Planned
How Phoebe Became Worried
How Phoebe Interviewed the Lawyer
How Toby Came to Grief
How Toby Found a Friend
How Phoebe Conspired
How Phoebe Played Detective
How the Marching Club Was Organized
How the Club Received a Donation
How the Governor Arrived
How Toby Saw the Great Man
How the Constable Argued his Case
How the Band Played
How Mrs. Ritchie Chided her Lawyer
How Phoebe Surprised a Secret
How Mr. Spaythe Confessed
How Toby Clark Faced Ruin
How Phoebe Defended the Helpless
How Phoebe Telegraphed the Governor
How Sam Parsons Explained
How a Wrong Looked Right
How the Mystery Cleared
How Toby Won his Heritage
How Phoebe's Conspiracy Triumphed

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