SHERLOCK HOLMES - Complete Collection: 64 Novels & Stories in One Volume

eBook: SHERLOCK HOLMES - Complete Collection: 64 Novels & Stories in One Volume

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Sherlock Holmes is a "consulting detective" known for his proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic, which he employs when investigating cases for a wide variety of clients, including Scotland Yard. The Sherlock Holmes stories are generally considered milestones in the field of crime fiction.
Table of Contents:
An Intimate Study of Sherlock Holmes
Novels & Stories:
A Study in Scarlet
The Sign of Four
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Valley of Fear
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes:
A Scandal in Bohemia
The Red-Headed League
A Case of Identity
The Boscombe Valley Mystery
The Five Orange Pips
The Man with the Twisted Lip
Blue Carbuncle
The Speckled Band
The Engineer's Thumb
The Noble Bachelor
The Beryl Coronet
The Copper Beeches
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes:
Silver Blaze
The Yellow Face
The Stock-Broker's Clerk
The "Gloria Scott"
The Musgrave Ritual
The Reigate Puzzle
The Crooked Man
The Resident Patient
The Greek Interpreter
The Naval Treaty
The Final Problem
The Return of Sherlock Holmes:
The Empty House
The Norwood Builder
The Dancing Men
The Solitary Cyclist
The Priory School
The Black Peter
The Charles Augustus Milverton
The Six Napoleons
The Three Students
The Golden Pince-Nez
The Missing Three-Quarter
The Abbey Grange
The Second Stain
His Last Bow:
Wisteria Lodge
Red Circle
Cardboard Box
Bruce-Partington Plans
The Dying Detective
The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax
Devil's Foot
His Last Bow
The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes:
Illustrious Client
Blanched Soldier
Mazarin Stone
Three Gables
Sussex Vampire
Three Garridebs
Thor Bridge
Creeping Man
Lion's Mane
Veiled Lodger
Shoscombe Old Place
Retired Colourman
The Field Bazaar
How Watson Learned the Trick
Sherlock Holmes: A Drama in Four Acts
The Crown Diamond: An Evening with Sherlock Holmes

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