Learning to Forgive

ebook: Learning to Forgive

Sprache - Englisch

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About the eBook

We can all think of a situation when we were hurt, betrayed or abandoned by others. Incidents like that often make us prisoners on the inside, and the pain related to them can last a lifetime. Forgiveness is an effective tool to deal with suffered injustice. This Quadro shows why forgiveness is worth the effort, whicht attitudes may help to forgive and what practical steps can be taken to make forgiveness happen.

Ideal for everyone who wants to let go of suffered offenses and acchieve inner freedom.

About the Author

Kerstin Hack is author, editor and coach. She was born in Franconia and studied ethnology with a focus on intercultural communication and English literature in Tübingen and Singapore. She loves diversion and variety in life: "colourful is my favourite colour" and in faith: "Let others be boring."

She inspires single persons, couples and groups through articles, books, but also with speeches, workshops and coaching. Her tips and ideas are creative and many-sided, but always practical and hands-on, simply "down-to-earth". She loves arts, culinary specialties, travelling and creativity and is voluntarily engaged in her hometown Berlin.

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