Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (Vol. 1-3)

ebook: Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (Vol. 1-3)

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This work gives a unique opportunity to dive into the world of ancient British poetry and legends. Here, a reader will find the primary sources for the epic stories about Gilderoy, Winifred, Bryan, Sir Cauline, King Estmere, Sir Guy, King Arthur, the Fairy Queen, and many more. A collection in three volumes contains numerous works by famous and anonymous authors adapted to modern English. The significance of this work is apparent. It was the first collection of ballades in English poetry of this size. It influenced the Romantic movement greatly and contributed to the revivals of ballades in England. Robert Burns, Wordsworth, and Coleridge based their lyric poems on this collection. Although, this work could never see the light of the day. Back in the 18th century, Irish Bishop Thomas Percy saved a manuscript almost set afire by a housemaid. It was an ancient collection of ballades, which inspired the Bishop for further research. Today, it's not just an important historical book; it is also a great source of study materials as well as an exciting read for anyone fond of history and British poetry.

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