WEST PORT MURDERS (True Crime Classic)

ebook: WEST PORT MURDERS (True Crime Classic)

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The book "West Port Murders" reveals the horrible chain of events during ten months in 1828 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Due to the rising interest in dissection and anatomy in Edinburg and significant sums of money paid for human corpses by doctors, two men, William Burke and William Hare, committed a series of killings, which became known as West Port or Burke and Hare murders. Their interest in murders rose after they sold the dead body of their lodger to a local doctor, Robert Knox, and received a solid amount of money for that. After another lodger in their house got a fever, they killed her in fear that her disease would deter other people from renting rooms in their house. They sold her body to the same doctor and went on with 15 more murders until the police finally caught them. This book contains the complete account of the murders committed by Burke and his associates and all the extraordinary circumstances connected with them. It also includes the description of Burke's trial.

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