The Characteristics of American Humour

ebook: The Characteristics of American Humour

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Traits of American Humour is a three volume edition which contains numerous short stories, sketches and tales, illustrating the character and wit of American people from North to South and from East to West.
Table of Contents:
Vol. 1:
My First and Last speech in the General Court
Hoss Allen, of Missouri
The Widow Rugby's Husband
The Big Bear of Arkansas
Johnny Beedle's Courtship
The Marriage of Johnny Beedle
Johnny Beedle's Thanksgiving
Aunt Nabby's Stewed Goose
Decline and Fall of the City of Dogtown
The Coon-Hunt
A Ride With Old Kit Kuncker
Seth Willett; The Elk County Witness
The Two Fat Sals
War's Yure Hoss?
Bob Lee
The Shooting-Match
The Horse Swap
Three Chances for a Wife
The Yankee Amongst the Mermaids
Captain Stick and Tony
The Way Billy Harris Drove the Drum-Fish to Market
Yankee Homespun
The Indefatigable Bear-Hunter
Colonel Crockett's Ride on the Back of a Buffalo
Colonel Crockett's Adventure with a Grizzly Bear
Colonel Crockett's, The Bear, and the Swallows
A Pretty Predicament
Vol. 2:
The Editor's Creed
Josh Beanpole's Courtship
Peter Brush, the Great Used Up
Cousin Sally Dilliard
The Age of Wonders
How Simon Suggs "Raised Jack"
My First Visit to Portland
Billy Warrick's Courtship and Marriage
Our Town
Falling off a Log, in a Game of "Seven Up"
A Yankee Card-Table
Dick M'Coy's Sketches of His Neighbours
Kicking a Yankee
Why Mr. Sellum Disposed of the Horse
A Tight Race Considerin'
A Shark Story
A Bear Story
The Best-Natured Man in the World
Chunky's Fight With the Panthers
A Bully Boat, and a Brag Captain
Fydget Fyxington
Doing a Sheriff
The Muscadine Story
Polly Peablossom's Wedding
The Mother and Her Child
Peleg Ponder
Vol. 3:
The Thimble Game
Mike Hooter's Bar Story
Cousin Guss
The Gander-Pulling
How Mike Hooter Came Very Near Walloping Arch Cooney
An Interesting Interview
Ben Wilson's Last Jug-Race
Mike Fink in a Tight Place
Our Singing-School
Where Joe Meriweather Went To
Georgia Theatrics
Taking the Census
A Family Picture
Colonel Jones's Fight
The Fastest Funeral on Record
Old Tuttle's Last Quarter Race…

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