The Barsetshire Chronicles - All 6 Books in One Edition

ebook: The Barsetshire Chronicles - All 6 Books in One Edition

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The Chronicles of Barsetshire (or Barchester Chronicles) is a series of six novels by the English author Anthony Trollope, set in the fictitious English county of Barsetshire (located approximately where the real Dorset lies) and its cathedral town of Barchester. The novels concern the dealings of the clergy and the gentry, and the political, amatory, and social manœuvrings that go on among and between them. The novels in the series are: The Warden (1855) Barchester Towers (1857) Doctor Thorne (1858) Framley Parsonage (1861) The Small House at Allington (1864) The Last Chronicle of Barset (1867) Anthony Trollope (1815–1882) was one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era. Some of his best-loved works, collectively known as the Chronicles of Barsetshire, revolve around the imaginary county of Barsetshire. He also wrote perceptive novels on political, social, and gender issues, and on other topical matters.

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Anthony Trollope (1815–1882) was an English novelist renowned for his keen observations of Victorian society. His works often delve into the intricacies of English rural life, social hierarchies, and the conflicts between individual desire and social norms. Trollope's distinguished career in the British Post Office influenced his disciplined approach to writing; he is noted for his prodigious output of over 47 novels, various short stories, and non-fiction works. Among his most celebrated contributions to literature is 'The Barsetshire Chronicles,' a series of six novels set in the fictitious English county of Barsetshire, which includes 'The Warden' and 'Barchester Towers.' This series epitomizes his trademark blend of social commentary, richly detailed characterizations, and humorous satire. Trollope's writing style is characterized by realism and the direct narration technique, which allowed him to explore the moral and social issues of his time with depth and empathy. Although not initially as famous as his contemporaries Charles Dickens and William Thackeray, Trollope's reputation has grown posthumously, and he is now considered one of the great Victorian novelists, praised for his acute observations and timeless human insights.

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