The Mistletoe Bough

ebook: The Mistletoe Bough

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The Mistletoe Bough is an endearing and sweet love story from the 1860s taking place during the Christmas season. You will enjoy reading about these fresh, frivolous characters having fun in England. Excerpt: I am inclined to think that Miss Garrow was right in saying that the world is changed as touching mistletoe boughs. Kissing, I fear, is less innocent now than it used to be…

About the Author

Anthony Trollope, an esteemed figure of nineteenth-century English literature, was born on April 24, 1815, in London. His notable career in the British postal service paralleled his prolific output as a novelist, with a writing style characterized by keen social commentary buoyed by rich, realistic characterizations. Trollope was a master of the serial novel, deploying his narratives in episodic installments that enthralled the Victorian reading public. Among his best-known works is the series 'The Chronicles of Barsetshire', delving into the ecclesiastical dramas of a fictional county. However, his sharp observation of human behavior and institutional norms was not limited to rural England. Novels such as 'The Way We Live Now' exposed the financial and moral turpitude of London's elite. 'The Mistletoe Bough' (1876), while a lesser-discussed work, displays Trollope's signature flair for depicting the complexities of domestic life and the subtleties of social positions intertwined with the personal aspirations of his characters. Trollope's literary contributions extended to over 40 novels and various short stories and travelogues, leaving an indelible mark on English prose. His unassuming yet incisive narrative voice provides an authentic portrait of Victorian society. Trollope passed away on December 6, 1882, but his works continue to attract scholarly attention and enjoy a dedicated readership.

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