Quentin Durward

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Quentin Durward is an archer who has left behind poverty in Scotland to join the Archers of the French King Louis's Scottish Guard and finds him-self involved in the medieval rivalry between Louis XI of France and Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. The conflict starts when Louis incites the citizens of Liège to revolt against Charles, and they murder Charles's brother-in-law, under the command of the bandit-captain William de la Marck. In the meantime, the Burgundian heiress Isabelle de Croye takes refuge at Louis's court, but Louis betrays her and decides to give her hand in marriage to the bandit-captain de la Marck. Quentin is appointed to be her personal guard on the journey to Flanders, and he is determined to prevent the treachery and earn the lady's love.

About the Author

Sir Walter Scott, 1st Baronet FRSE (1771 – 1832) was a Scottish historical novelist, poet, and playwright, acclaimed for his significant contributions to the Western literary canon with his pioneering work in the historical fiction genre. Born on August 15, 1771, in Edinburgh, Scott was educated at the University of Edinburgh and initially pursued a career in law before turning his considerable talents to writing literature. Scott is perhaps best known for his Waverley Novels, a series that includes 'Ivanhoe,' 'Rob Roy,' and 'The Bride of Lammermoor.' In these works, Scott combines rich characterization with a deep understanding of Scottish history and folklore, earning him global recognition. One of his notable works, 'Quentin Durward' (1823), situated against the backdrop of 15th-century France and the reign of Louis XI, has been celebrated for its vivid historical setting and compelling narrative. His mastery of weaving together fictional characters with historical settings was revolutionary at the time, earning him the title of

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