50 Westerns - The Best Adventures, Gunfight Duels, Battles, Rider Trails & Legendary Outlaws

ebook: 50 Westerns - The Best Adventures, Gunfight Duels, Battles, Rider Trails & Legendary Outlaws

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Buckle up and get ready to go on a memorable adventure with our best-ever Western classics. Contents: Man in the Saddle (Ernest Haycox) Canyon Passage (Ernest Haycox) Trail Smoke (Ernest Haycox) Winnetou (Karl May) The Bandit of Hell's Bend (Edgar Rice Burroughs) The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County (Edgar Rice Burroughs) The War Chief (Edgar Rice Burroughs) Apache Devil (Edgar Rice Burroughs) Riders of the Purple Sage (Zane Grey) The Rainbow Trail (Zane Grey) The Spirit of the Border (Zane Grey) The Untamed (Max Brand) The Night Horseman (Max Brand) The Seventh Man (Max Brand) The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains (Owen Wister) The Last of the Mohicans (James Fenimore Cooper) The Prairie (James Fenimore Cooper) Chip, of the Flying U (B. M. Bower) The Flying U Ranch (B. M. Bower) The Flying U's Last Stand (B. M. Bower) Cabin Fever (B. M. Bower) Rimrock Trail (J. Allan Dunn) The 'Breckinridge Elkins' Series (Robert E. Howard) The Outcasts of Poker Flat (Bret Harte) The Luck of Roaring Camp (Bret Harte) Heart of the West (O. Henry) White Fang (Jack London) The Wolf Hunters (James Oliver Curwood) The Two-Gun Man (Charles Alden Seltzer) The Boss of the Lazy Y (Charles Alden Seltzer) The Law of the Land (Emerson Hough) The Short Cut (Jackson Gregory) Whispering Smith (Frank H. Spearman) The Outlet (Andy Adams) Reed Anthony, Cowman: An Autobiography (Andy Adams) A Texas Cow Boy (Charles Siringo) The Hidden Children (Robert W. Chambers) The Way of an Indian (Frederic Remington) The Bridge of the Gods (Frederic Homer Balch) The Desert Trail (Dane Coolidge) Hidden Water (Dane Coolidge) That Girl Montana (Marah Ellis Ryan) The Long Dim Trail (Forrestine C. Hooker) A Voice in the Wilderness (Grace Livingston Hill) The Rules of the Game (Stewart Edward White) John Brent (Theodore Winthrop) The Lions of the Lord (Harry Leon Wilson) A Tale of the Western Plains (G. A. Henty)…

About the Author

Karl Friedrich May, known for his adventure novels set in the American Old West, is a distinguished figure in German literature. Born on February 25, 1842, in Ernstthal, Saxony, May embarked on a writing career after a tumultuous period that included time spent in prison. His prolific output, characterized by vivid storytelling and moralistic undertones, earned him tremendous popularity amongst readers of all ages, with an estimation of over 200 million books sold worldwide. His renowned collection, '50 Westerns - The Best Adventures, Gunfight Duels, Battles, Rider Trails & Legendary Outlaws,' encompasses some of his most celebrated work, capturing the imagination through tales of the rugged landscapes and iconic characters of the untamed frontier. May's literary style is notable for its romanticized depiction of the American West, though he never visited the United States until late in life. The characters of Winnetou, the noble Apache chief, and Old Shatterhand, his German blood brother, remain emblematic of his contribution to the Western genre. Despite critiques regarding his representation of Native Americans and factual inaccuracies, May's legacy as a storyteller endures, reflecting the universal human quest for heroism, justice, and adventure. He passed away on March 30, 1912, in Radebeul, leaving behind a legacy that continues to influence the Western genre and German literature.

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