Riches Within Your Reach

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Riches Within Your Reach is a self-development empowering book by Robert Collier, American author of metaphysical books. It presents the compilation of four of his works, assembled with the goal of explaining the importance of mental visualization in accomplishing prosperity and success. Collier's concepts are consistent to what most books on achievement subscribe to such as power of thoughts, law of attraction and compensation. What sets him apart from the others is the level of detail, intellectual depth and spiritual directness. Table of Contents: The God in You The Magic Word The Secret of Power The Law of the Higher Potential

About the Author

Robert Collier (1885-1950) was an American author of self-help and New Thought metaphysical books in the 20th century. He is mostly remembered for his book 'Riches Within Your Reach', which espouses the belief that Success, happiness, and wealth are within the grasp of each individual, provided they understand how to tap into the sources of these treasures within their own minds. Collier's writings reflect the exploration of the power of the mind and the belief in the potential of an individual to shape their own destiny through belief, faith, and positive thinking. In 'Riches Within Your Reach', Collier delves into the principles that underlie success and offers practical advice for transforming desires into reality. His work draws heavily on the principles of the New Thought movement, including the law of attraction, the importance of visualization, and the power of positive thinking. While his books may be categorized as self-help, Collier's literary style integrates anecdotes, parables, and personal experiences to elucidate his principles, embodying a motivational as well as an almost philosophical perspective of self-improvement and success. His contributions to the genre have inspired countless readers and have secured his legacy as a significant figure in the canon of self-help literature.

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