The Robert Collier Letter Book

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About the eBook

The Robert Collier Letter Book shows the best solutions for copywriting and sales letters, explaining techniques, methods and the theory of letter writing which prove to be transferable to completely different times. The author presents plentiful examples of promotional letter writing from a bygone era which show the principles underlying the actual writing. Collier also discusses the interplay between marketing and business strategy, including accounting and product development. His samples provide highly relevant guidance for marketers.

About the Author

Robert Collier (1885-1950) was an American author of self-improvement and New Thought metaphysical books in the 20th century. He was involved in writing, editing, and research for most of his life and his best known book is The Secret of the Ages. Collier wrote about the practical psychology of abundance, desire, faith, visualization, confident action, and personal development.

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