Floor Games; a companion volume to "Little Wars"

ebook: Floor Games; a companion volume to "Little Wars"

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'Floor Games' is a book published in 1911 by H. G. Wells. This light-hearted volume argues in a humorously dictatorial tone that "The jolliest indoor games for boys and girls demand a floor." Illustrated with photographs and drawings, it briefly describes a number of games that can be played on "well lit and airy" floors with "four main groups" of toys: soldiers about two inches high (Wells regrets the "curse of militarism" that makes civilians hard to find), largish wooden bricks, boards and planks, and electric railway rolling stock and rails.

About the Author

Herbert George Wells, famously known as H. G. Wells, was an illustrious English writer born on September 21, 1866, in Bromley, Kent, England. Wells was a prolific writer, a visionary of his time, whose scope of work traversed various genres. He is most renowned for his contributions to the science fiction genre with seminal works such as 'The Time Machine' (1895), 'The Island of Doctor Moreau' (1896), 'The War of the Worlds' (1898), and 'The Invisible Man' (1897). Wells's literary style often combined an accessible narrative with thoughtful commentary on society, technology, and the future, earning him the moniker 'The Father of Science Fiction.' Beyond science fiction, Wells also authored 'Floor Games; a companion volume to "Little Wars"' (1911), where he explored the imaginative use of toy soldiers to enact battles – a precursor to modern war gaming. His works were not just entertainment but also a medium to express his views on social reform and comment on contemporary moral issues. Wells's impact on literature is substantial, his works continue to inspire adaptations and discussions on human progress, and his vivid imagination remains a touchstone for the science fiction genre. He passed away on August 13, 1946, but his legacy as an author and thinker endures in contemporary literary and cultural studies.

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