The Complete Sherlock Holmes Stories

ebook: The Complete Sherlock Holmes Stories

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„It is this collection that includes stories that became insanely popular in the early 20th century and still remain popular. This story is about one of the greatest detectives of our time, recorded by his friend and partner. A resident of an unpretentious house on Baker Street, one after another, reveals the most difficult cases, easily transforms into bandits, booksellers, chimney sweeps. he multibook includes the most read novels of the author, such as: «A Study in Scarlet», «The Sign of the Four», «The Hound of the Baskervilles», «The Valley of Fear», «The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes», «The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes», «The Return of Sherlock Holmes», «His Last Bow», «The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes».

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