The Power of Blessing

ebook: The Power of Blessing

Sprache - Englisch

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About the eBook

"I will bless you... and you will be a blessing to others." - God to Abraham

People proclaim blessing over others all the time - through words and gestures. People long for blessing, because blessing has power to strengthen and change life. This quadro shows what blessing is and what it does through the Bible and concrete examples. In addition, it explains and shows how you can receive blessing and pass it along to others.

Questions and behavior suggestions help you to practically implement the things you've read. The quadro inspires and accompanies you in your learning process with four motivations per day: a concise quote, stimulating food for thought, a provocative question and a practical stimulus.

Ideal for all those who would like to experience blessing and pass it along to others.

About the Author

Rosemarie Stresemann is a retired teacher. She is a mentor and author. She likes to get to the bottom of things, is interested in thorough theological thinking. She is involved in a city-wide network in her hometown Berlin. Prayer is her passion and she leads a Germany-wide prayer network (Wächterruf).

Kerstin Hack is author, editor and coach. She was born in Franconia and studied ethnology with a focus on intercultural communication and English literature in Tübingen and Singapore. She loves diversion and variety in life: "colourful is my favourite colour" and in faith: "Let others be boring." She inspires single persons, couples and groups through articles, books, but also with speeches, workshops and coaching. Her tips and ideas are creative and many-sided, but always practical and hands-on, simply "down-to-earth". She loves arts, culinary specialties, travelling and creativity and is voluntarily engaged in her hometown Berlin.

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