The Road to Oz

ebook: The Road to Oz

Sprache - Englisch

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Meet Dorothy’s new friends, the Shaggy Man, Button Bright and Polychrome, as you travel with them to the Emerald City. Share their adventures with the Musicker and the Scoodlers. See how they escape from the Soup-Kettle and what they found at the Truth Pond. Their adventures include: the secret behind the love magnet, entering the town of Foxville, the queen of the Scoodlers, the Truth Pond, Ozma’s birthday party, why the way to Butterfield got split 7 ways, etc.... Find out how they are able to cross the Deadly Desert and finally get to the Emerald City of Oz. „The Road to Oz” invite you to make an amazing trip to the magical land of Oz, which was born as a result of the irrepressible imagination of the great American writer Lyman Frank Baum, whose books were beloved by more than one generation of children around the world. The fifth story of „Oz” and the fourth detailing the magical travels of Dorothy.

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Genre: Sprache - Englisch

Language: English

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ISBN: 9788382001181