The Emerald City of Oz

ebook: The Emerald City of Oz

Sprache - Englisch

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Join Dorothy and the Wonderful Wizard as they take Aunt Em and Uncle Henry on a fabulous tour of Oz. During their journey they encounter such amazing and amusing people as King Kleaver with his Spoon Brigade and Miss Cuttenclip of the land of paper dolls. Aunt Em and Uncle Henry also meet old friends like the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, Jack Pumpkinhead and H. M. Wogglebug T. E. But while Dorothy and her friends play, the wicked Nome King has joined forces with the terrible Whimsies, the fearsome Growleywogs, and the evil Phanfasms in a plot to capture the Emerald City. Will Dorothy’s friends discover the danger before it’s too late? Can they rescue the Land of Oz from destruction? L. Frank Baum had intended to cease writing „Oz” stories with this book, but financial pressures prompted him to write and publish between 1913-1920 „The Patchwork Girl of Oz”, with seven other „Oz” books to follow.

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