Mary Stuart

ebook: Mary Stuart

Sprache - Englisch

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A common apartment in the Castle of Fotheringay.

HANNAH KENNEDY, contending violently with PAULET, who is about
to break open a closet; DRURY with an iron crown.

How now, sir? what fresh outrage have we here?
Back from that cabinet!

Whence came the jewel?
I know 'twas from an upper chamber thrown;
And you would bribe the gardener with your trinkets.
A curse on woman's wiles! In spite of all
My strict precaution and my active search,
Still treasures here, still costly gems concealed!
And doubtless there are more where this lay hid.

[Advancing towards the cabinet.

Intruder, back! here lie my lady's secrets.

Exactly what I seek.
[Drawing forth papers.

Mere trifling papers;
The amusements only of an idle pen,
To cheat the dreary tedium of a dungeon.

In idle hours the evil mind is busy.

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