The Genius of H. G. Wells: 120+ Sci-Fi Novels & Stories in One Volume

ebook: The Genius of H. G. Wells: 120+ Sci-Fi Novels & Stories in One Volume

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H. G. Wells (1866-1946) was a prolific English writer of fiction works, history and politics. Wells is called a father of science fiction.
Table of Contents:
A Modern Utopia
Ann Veronica
In the Days of the Comet
The Chronic Argonauts
The First Men in the Moon
The Invisible Man
The Island of Dr Moreau
The New Machiavelli
The Passionate Friends
The Prophetic Trilogy
The Research Magnificent
The Sea Lady
The Secret Places of the Heart
The Soul of a Bishop
The Time Machine
The Undying Fire
The War in the Air
The War of the Worlds
The World Set Free
When the Sleeper Wakes
Collections of Short Stories
Short Stories:
A Catastrophe
A Deal in Ostriches
A Dream of Armageddon
A Slip Under the Microscope
A Story of the Days to Come
A Story of the Stone Age
A Tale of the Twentieth Century
A Talk with Gryllotalpa
How Gabriel Became Thompson
How Pingwill Was Routed
In the Abyss
Le Mari Terrible
Miss Winchelsea's Heart
Mr. Brisher's Treasure
Mr. Ledbetter's Vacation
Mr. Marshall's Doppelganger
Mr. Skelmersdale in Fairyland
My First Aeroplane
Our Little Neighbour
Perfect Gentleman on Wheels
Pollock and the Porroh Man
The Empire of the Ants
The Flying Man
The Grisly Folk
The Inexperienced Ghost
The Land Ironclads
The Lord of the Dynamos
The Loyalty of Esau Common
The Magic Shop
The Man Who Could Work Miracles
The Man with a Nose
The Moth
The New Accelerator
The New Faust
The Obliterated Man
The Pearl of Love
The Presence by the Fire
The Purple Pileus
The Rajah's Treasure
The Reconciliation
The Red Room
The Sea Raiders
The Star
The Stolen Body
The Story of the Last Trump
The Story of the Stone Age
The Temptation of Harringay
The Thing in No. 7...

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