Salute to Adventurers

ebook: Salute to Adventurers

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In John Buchan’s thrill-a-minute novel „Salute to Adventurers”, hero Andrew Garvald makes his way from the dreary moors of his native land to the deceptively bucolic landscape of early colonial America. A novel set during the beginning of the Jamestown Colony, „Salute To Adventurers” is an enthralling saga about one man’s struggle to survive and even find love in a land beset by trade controls with England enforced by pirates, religious strife manifested through a fanatic who stirs Indian tribes to attack settlers, harsh environmental conditions, the unending chores of daily life, and much more. Faced with adversity, danger and social scorn, Garvald nevertheless stands firm in his commitment to bringing fairness and order to the burgeoning colony. Will he achieve this aim and live to tell the tale? Painting a vivid picture of what it was once like to earn a living in untamed lands, „Salute To Adventure „is an exciting chronicle featuring conflicts of man vs. nature and man vs. man alike.

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