Riding without a bit

ebook: Riding without a bit

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About the eBook

This book thoroughly covers with all aspects of bitless bridles in general and specifically with bitless riding. The author focuses on giving the reader a general overview of the range of bitless bridles available and the purpose and function of each of these. The main part of the book however deals with the subject of riding without a bit including an extensive discussion of many of the preconceptions surrounding bitless riding. Individual exercises are explained in detail with reference to both the biomechanics of riding and classical riding methods, clearly setting out the advantages of riding with a bit. This book is an all-round guide for anyone wanting to find out more about the subject of bitless riding.

About the Author

Josepha Guillaume has been involved with horses since her childhood and has worked as an instructor for many years. Based on classical riding principles she teaches her system of training "Equus Universalis Riding Art” to pupils around the world. She has specialised in bitless riding as well as the rehabilitation and re-training of traumatised horses. Josepha is the author of a number of articles that have appeared in a variety of magazines and published her first book on bitless riding in 2007. She has developed her own bitless bridle based on a model used by Antoine de Pluvinel and in 2004 opened Equihof in Belgium, the first retail outlet for bitless riding. Since 2011 she has concentrated mainly on teaching her students through online courses and her training school Equus Universalis. She lives with husband, dog, cats and horses on her farm in Belgium, where her training centre is also located.

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