The Adventures of a Modest Man

eBook: The Adventures of a Modest Man

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Concerning Two Gentlemen from Long Island, Destiny, and a Pot of Black Paint
A Chapter Depicting a Rather Garrulous Reunion
Trouble for Two
Wherein a Modest Man Is Bullied and a Literary Man Practices Style
Soul and Body
The Biter, the Bitten, and the Un-bitten
A Matter of Pronunciation
In Which a Modest Man Maunders
A Chance Acquaintance
A State of Mind
Flotsam and Jetsam
The Simplest Solution of an Ancient Problem
Showing How It Is Possible for Any Man to Make of Himself a Chump
The Master Knot of Human Fate
The Time and the Place
Down the Seine
In a Belgian Garden
A Youthful Patriot
On the Wall
A Journey to the Moon
The Army of Paris

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