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This carefully crafted ebook: "Capital & The Communist Manifesto" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Capital by Karl Marx is a foundational theoretical text in materialist philosophy, economics and politics. Marx aimed to reveal the economic patterns underpinning the capitalist mode of production, in contrast to classical political economists such as Adam Smith, Jean-Baptiste Say, David Ricardo and John Stuart Mill. Marx did not live to publish the planned second and third parts, but they were both completed from his notes and published after his death by his colleague Friedrich Engels. Capital is the most cited book in the social sciences published before 1950. The Communist Manifesto (originally Manifesto of the Communist Party) is an 1848 political pamphlet by German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Commissioned by the Communist League and originally published in London just as the revolutions of 1848 began to erupt, the Manifesto was later recognised as one of the world's most influential political documents. Contents: Capital (Das Kapital) Vol. 1 - The Process of Capitalist Production Vol. 2 - The Process of Circulation of Capital Vol. 3 - The Process of Capitalist Production as a Whole The Communist Manifesto Two Important Precursors to Capital Wage-Labour and Capital (1847) Wages, Price and Profit (1865) Karl Marx (1818–1883) was a famous German philosopher, economist, historian, political theorist, sociologist, journalist and revolutionary socialist.

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