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The Holy War tells the story of the town "Mansoul" (Man's soul). Though this town is perfect and bears the image of Shaddai (Almighty), it is deceived to rebel and throw off his gracious rule, replacing it instead with the rule of Diabolus. Though Mansoul has rejected the Kingship of Shaddai, he sends his son Emmanuel to reclaim it. In the city there were three esteemed men, who, by admitting Diabolus to the city, lost their previous authority. The eyes of "Understanding", the mayor, are hidden from the light. "Conscience", the recorder, has become a madman, at times sinning, and at other times condemning the sin of the city. But worst of all is "Lord Willbewill," whose desire has been completely changed from serving his true Lord, to serving Diabolus. With the fall of these three, for Mansoul to turn back to Shaddai of their own will, is impossible. Salvation can come only by the victory of Emmanuel.

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John Bunyan (1628–1688) was an English writer and Baptist preacher best known for his Christian allegory 'The Pilgrim's Progress'. Born in Elstow, Bedfordshire, Bunyan received limited formal education before joining the Parliamentary Army during the first stage of the English Civil War. His experiences led to a period of intense personal conflict and spiritual awakening, which fueled his future writings. After the war, he became a Nonconformist preacher and was imprisoned for his beliefs for 12 years. It was during this time that he penned the majority of 'The Pilgrim's Progress', which has since become one of the most published books in the English language. Bunyan's narrative style combined simple language with vivid imagery and profound theological insights, which resonated with the common people of his time. Another significant work, 'The Holy War', further exemplifies this style, using the allegory of a battle for the human soul, set in the town of Mansoul, to portray the spiritual conflict between good and evil. Bunyan's writings have been studied for their literary merit and theological depth, and his influence extends beyond literature into the realms of religion and culture. Posthumously, Bunyan's work gained widespread recognition and he is often regarded as a predecessor to later English writers, such as C.S. Lewis, in terms of religious allegory.

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