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Über das eBook

After escaping the capital together, Ivy and Drystan are now fugitives and have taken refuge in the wilderness. As tensions are brewing between them following the events in the capital, Ivy questions whether she can trust him. But a secret mission is soon underway, and allies are few. In her quest to prove herself worthy again to the Mother Goddess, Ivy sets off to find the mythical place called Arden. With Drystan by her side, she must travel both the woodlands of Mórceath as well as the far seas to the empire of Miras - and there are plenty of obstacles on the way.

In this second instalment of the Leaves of Holly trilogy, Ivy faces her greatest challenge yet. It is a journey of sacrifice and intrigue - but also of love and trust, loss and grief.

Will she succeed in her mission?
And how much is she willing to sacrifice for it?

Über den Autor

Arnella Hobler has dreamed of becoming an author ever since she was old enough to read and write. This dream finally came true with the release of her debut novel Leaves of Holly in 2021. Arnella lives in Sweden with her husband and their ferocious Pomeranian. She has a BA in History and loves all things old, especially porcelain. Apart from writing, she also enjoys drawing, walking in nature and exploring old castles. For news and updates, check out her YouTube channel Arnella Hobler or Instagram @arnellahobler.

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