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A harrowing and ecstatic descent into a breathtaking netherworld aswirl with the real, the imagined and the absolutely unforgettable. Amid the post industrial decay of Quinsigamond glitters a fabulous jewel - Herzog's Erotic Palace - America's most lavish porn theatre and a gangland laundry for semi-sour cash. But most of all, Herzog's is the place where dreamers meet and seductive nightmares find their dazzling realisation. For the obsessed grunge auteur, the heartsick crime king, the apocalyptic tele-evangelist and the young woman intent on a capturing a shrouded past and an onrushing future within a camera's lens, The Skin Palace will reveal all secrets, in a script fraught with danger and feverish transformation.

Über den Autor

Jack O'Connell is the author of five critically acclaimed novels, which have earned him something of a cult status. He won the Mysterious Press Discovery Contest for the Best First Crime Novel for Box Nine, which launched his career. This and his other novels Wireless, The Skin Palace, Word Made Flesh and The Resurrectionist are all published by No Exit Press.

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