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The novel tells the story of a young King of Montenana who came to the west. Excerpt: There is always a certain flavor of romance hanging like a purple mist upon a palace, and there was an added perfume in the case of Fritz of Montenana because he had come westward with the avowed purpose of seeking a wife. As everybody knows, Montenana is a pocket kingdom, lying between Russia and Turkey. For the rest, it is mountainous and picturesque, somewhat poverty-stricken, and given over at times to the spirit of revolution.

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Fred M. White, whose full name was Frederick Merrick White, was a prolific British author with a literary career that spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With a vast oeuvre that delved into genres such as science fiction, adventure, and crime, he made a lasting impact on popular literature in the pre-WWI era. One notable work among his extensive bibliography is 'A Mummer's Throne,' a narrative that showcases his ability to weave intricate plots with a mastery of suspense and a keen insight into human character. White's literary style often combined the sensational with the detailed observation, capturing the societal nuances of his time. He was well recognized for his 'Doom of London' series, which portrayed apocalyptic scenarios and disasters befalling the city, reflecting the Edwardian era's anxieties about technological advancements and natural calamities. Although Fred M. White might not have the same lasting fame as some of his contemporaries, his work resonates with the richness of the transitional period in which he wrote, balancing the entertainment values of genre fiction with a literary craftsmanship that provides valuable insight into the early 20th-century mindset. His stories remain a testament to the enduring quality of classic speculative fiction and adventure narratives, appealing to readers who appreciate the gems of early genre literature.

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